November 23, 2016 (365 Days Old)
Are We Trapped Inside of Our Own Thought Bubbles?
The world can be a complex place filled with many different opinions.
There are many different ways of thinking about it all.
Many people try to make sense of things by reading, listening, watching, and discussing ideas.
They might discuss big ideas like
paul - uh - tiks
The work of discussing, making and changing laws.
kull - churr
The beliefs and ideas of a group of people.
, and
ree - lij - unn
When a group of people believe in and give their love and respect to a god or other supernatural thing.
It is difficult to discuss these things between people who disagree.
It is much easier to discuss ideas when everyone thinks the same way.
Technology Makes It Easier to Make a Bubble
These kinds of discussions used to take more
eff - urt
The work, time, energy or money it takes to get something done or to make something happen.
Finding people that thought exactly the same way was rare.
Many conversations that happened face-to-face were between people that thought differently about big ideas.
The Internet made it easy to for anyone to talk with people all around the world.
The Internet has made it simple to find people that think exactly the same way.
When people discuss big ideas with people who only think the same way as themselves this is called a "bubble".
Blaming the Internet for Our Choices
Some people blame the technology that runs the Internet for helping to create thought bubbles.
Websites like Facebook and Twitter focus what we see and usually show us things that make us happy.
add - ver - tyz - mints
Words, pictures, and videos inserted into a website, program or physical space. They are often used to try to sell things, services, or ideas to people.
are trying to sell us things and don't want to make us angry.
Opinion websites, podcasts, or channels want us to agree with what they are telling us.
" as articles, videos and posts are prioritised based on how likely we are to agree with them, we become blind to all other viewpoints [and] we see only our own world view reflected back at us "
the drum, on social media filters
Popping Bubbles?
What do you think might be some of the problems of only talking about big ideas with people who share your point of view?
What is one small change you can make in what you read, watch or listen to that might help you pop out of your own thought bubble?
How do YOU feel about this story?
someone smiled to read this
November 23, 2016 (365 Days Old)
Are We Trapped Inside of Our Own Thought Bubbles?
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