June 30, 2016 (511 Days Old)
The Least We Can Pay
Anyone with a job usually knows exactly how much money they are being paid for working.
This is called their wage or salary.
Starting in October some people in Alberta will be getting a higher wage for working.
The Alberta Government is changing the
minimum wage
min - ih - mum -- wayj
A law that tells an employer the least amount of money they can pay a worker for one hour of work.
to be one dollar per hour higher than it is now.
The new minimum wage will be changed to just over $12 per hour.
So, Everyone is Happy, Right?
Not everyone agrees with raising the minimum wage.
Businesses such as restaurants, shops, or other companies who have workers may need to pay them more.
This will cost those businesses more money.
Some businesses have started a
puh - tih - shun
Collecting a list of names of people who disagree with something specific. Usually that they want it changed in some way.
to try to stop these changes.
On the Other Hand...
Many people are concerned that workers who do not earn enough money at their jobs are not able to live happy, healthy lives.
The government promised to increase the minimum wage as part of an election
cam - payn
To convince people to vote for them in an election, politicians make promises. They also explain what they would do if they get the job of being the government.
promise in 2015.
Up and Up and Up
This is only the first of three changes to minimum wage in Alberta.
The goal of the government is to reach $15 per hour by 2018.
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