August 3, 2016 (478 Days Old)
Obama Scolds the Republicans
The President of the United States Barack Obama spoke to reporters.
He is frustrated about the election.
Donald Trump is the person representing the
ree - pub - lik - ann
One of the two large political parties in the United States. Political parties are like teams for governments.
party for President in the current United States election.
This past weekend Donald Trump insulted the family of a soldier.
The soldier died while doing his job.
Donald Trumps words have made many people very angry, including the President.
The President wanted to know why his party is still
en - door - sing
To tell other people that you agree with and support an idea or a person.
" Why are you still endorsing him? "
President Obama to Donald Trump's Political Party
Unfair or Unfit?
Some people support Donald Trump because he seems to be open about how he feels.
Some people support Donald Trump because they think that by being different he can make
paul - uh - tiks
The work of discussing, making and changing laws.
work better and more like a business.
Many others dislike Donald Trump because the things he says are often thought to be rude or hurtful to a lot of people.
Many others dislike Donald Trump because they think that if he was elected that he could harm large groups of people.
How Would You Choose?
Elections are about picking a person for government to share your point-of-view as new laws are made.
In a big country there are many different points-of-view.
Do you think you should vote for a person who might just do what you and your friends want?
Or should you vote for a person who might be good for many people even if that means you don't always get your own way?
How do YOU feel about this story?
claire was bored by this
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