July 26, 2016 (485 Days Old)
Oil Spill in The North Saskatchewan River
Oil has been leaking into the
North Saskatchewan River
A freshwater river that runs through the West part of Canada, including through major cities like Edmonton and Prince Albert.
It spilled from an oil
pype - lyne
A long tube that has been built to move liquids or gasses from one place to another. Pipelines are often built underground.
that broke last Thursday, July 21.
At least two cities in the province of Saskatchewan get drinking water from that river.
Those cities are trying to find ways to use less water because they cannot get clean water from the river until the oil spill is cleaned up.
How Much Oil?
Reports are saying that 200,000 litres of oil spilled into the river.
That would be enough oil to fill up your bathtub once per day, every day for 5 years.
That would be enough oil to fill up about 6 medium-sized oil tank trucks.
More Than Just People Are Affected
Birds, fish, and amphibians live in the North Saskatchewan River.
Only a few animals have been killed.
Some people are expecting to find more hurt or dead animals as the spilled oil moves down the river.
Who Should Clean It Up?
The company who owns and
ah - purr - atez
To use something. Also to work to make sure that a thing works as it is supposed to work.
the pipeline is called Husky.
They say that they are working to clean up the spilled oil.
But we all use oil.
It helps us get around and is part of the things we use everyday.
Who else do you think should help to clean up the mess when oil spills into nature?
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