September 19, 2016 (430 Days Old)
Canadian Government Goes Back to their House (of Commons)
Summer is over.
Just as many kids are back in school, the Canadian government is back to work.
ThinkDrop will be watching as Canadian Members of
par - luh - ment
In Canada, the gathering together of the people elected to lead the country.
, also known as our "MPs" go back to the
House of Commons
in Ottawa
The large room in the main government building where new laws are discussed and debated.
this week.
There are many interesting ideas to be talked about as politicians get back to work.
Some of the things we'll be watching might affect you too.
Building Bridges & Finding Other Ways to Get People Working
The government that was elected nearly a year ago made many promises to Canadians.
Lots of these promises were about jobs.
Lots of these promises were about how our
tax money
or, taxes
Taxes are one way we all put our money together to accomplish big things. The government is put in charge of collecting money from everyone, and then spending it in ways that it helps the most people.
should be spent.
Spending money on something we often call
in - fruh - struk - shur
Big things that are built by people that we can all use. Often people think of roads & bridges as examples of this.
is one way the government says they can make more jobs.
In the next few months many Canadians are expecting more money to be spent starting new and big projects.
Thinking About How Elections Work
The government promised to talk about elections in Canada.
Right now when each person
When a group of people decide on something. The decision is made each person making one choice from many choices. Votes are often used to decide who is in charge, or who gets to make big decisions.
s that vote is counted towards electing one person.
The elected person usually is from one area near where the voter lives.
Some people think this makes it too easy for a small group of people to elect a large group of politicians.
Some people think that we should change the way elections work to make them more fair.
Any change could make it so that the kinds people elected better match the kinds of votes made.
Facing the Bad Weather
The changing
cly - mitt
Measured over a long time, the kind of temperature and weather that is usually seen in one place. Climate is different than weather. Weather is measured in one moment, while climate is measures over a long time.
of the Earth has many people arguing.
Some people still don't even want to admit that over a long time people have slowly changed the weather patterns of our planet.
But now most people finally agree that
climate change
or, global warming
The science of understanding that the earth is a complex and changing ecosystem, and that people have slowly changed that system over many years. Some people still think climate change is not real.
is real.
The government will need to find a way to make Canadians agree on what we can all do about it.
Getting Along in Government
Many of the tough decisions that any government makes will be discussed and argued about by Canadians across the country.
Do you think it arguing about complex ideas is good or bad?
How do YOU feel about this story?
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