November 17, 2016 (371 Days Old)
The United States Elects Donald Trump for President
On November 8 the people of the United States had a
When a group of people decide on something. The decision is made each person making one choice from many choices. Votes are often used to decide who is in charge, or who gets to make big decisions.
in a
nah - shun - nal
Something that includes the whole of one country.
The people of that country voted on many changes to their
guv - ern - ment
A word to describe the group of people who are in charge of a country, province, state, city, or other people linked together by where they live.
that day.
One decision that is making the most news is that they chose Donald Trump to be their next president.
Different Opinions
Many people have very different opinions about the choice of Donald Trump.
Some people are happy.
Some people are angry.
Some people are afraid.
Even though many people disagree about what they think of Donald Trump, many people on both sides say that he was chosen as a kind of
pro - test
An idea or an action that is meant to show that people disagree with something or somebody. A protest can be big with many people or small with a just few words.
A protest is a way of sending a strong message to someone in charge.
A protest is a way to say that the people who are protesting are upset about a decision or an action.
Different Sides
Trying to untangle the different opinions about Donald Trump is not an easy job.
Lots of reporters, writers, talk-show hosts, and even average people have been trying to do just that in the days and weeks after the election.
Nothing is simple about the question of why people voted in the way they did besides two basic facts.
First, that each person had the right to make their own choice.
Second, that enough people chose Donald Trump so that he won.
What Happens Next?
Until January when Donald Trump is
swore - nn
When someone stands up in public to say aloud words and make a promise to a group of people.
as president there is no change to who is in charge of the United States.
Until January many people will talk of
un - ser - tin - tee
When the end of a choice or path is not known. Often people are afraid or upset when they don't know how things will turn out.
, which is a kind of fear of the unknown or fear of change.
Some uncertainty will be caused by the things Donald Trump said before he was elected.
Some uncertainy will be caused by the things Donald Trump has done or will do afterwards.
ThinkDrop'ing ...On a Side Note
This website was originally built on the idea of trying to explain the news in a simple, unbiased voice, mostly to help the author's daughter understand a world filled with many complex ideas.
For the next few months, ThinkDrop will instead be trying to explain the shifts in politics and the looming spaces between a divided group of people.
That divide is not just happening in the United States, but also here in Canada and around the world.
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