September 11, 2017 (73 Days Old)
A Case of Unsolved Canadian Murders
Since the 1970s there have been over 30 cases of girls and women going missing in Canada that are thought to be
unn - salvd
A crime or a mystery where the cause has not been completely figured out.
The police investigations have found that their deaths were not a crime.
The families of the missing girls and women do not agree with the police and instead say the girls and women were murdered.
All of these missing girls and women are part of Canada's Indigenous community.
Finding Answers
A National Inquiry has been set up to find an answer that more people can agree about.
The Inquiry cannot change the decisions made by the police.
The Inquiry can try to understand more about why there is disagreement between the
kahn - klew - juns
The answers found after a search of any evidence.
made by the police and the families.
The Inquiry can also explain where mistakes or prejudice caused a wrong conclusion to be made.
No One Should Have to Lose
Many Canadians will often hear about both sides of this disagreement in the news.
As someone who may not part of either side it can difficult to understand its importance.
What is important is to realize that the families of the missing and murdered girls and women deserve honesty and truth about what happened.
All Canadians should work together to make sure the law works equally for everyone.
And of course, the girls and women themselves deserve fairness and truth from the Canadian
juh - stiss
The whole collection of laws, police, judges and jails that works together to make sure rules are followed by everyone.
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