August 6, 2016 (474 Days Old)
A Waiter's Mistake Ends in an Arrest
A man from
kay - bek
One of the ten provinces of Canada. Many people in Quebec speak the French language.
says he almost died after eating at a restaurant last May.
The man is
ah - ler - jik
When a chemical causes a body to react by swelling, itching, coughing, or in other ways that are dangerous. People can be allergic to chemicals in food, bug bites, plants, or many different things.
to seafood.
The man asked the waiter to make sure his food had no seafood in it.
The food that came to his table had salmon, which is a type of fish.
The man was in a
koe - mah
A kind of sickness where a person seems to be asleep but cannot be woken up.
for a few days because his body had a bad reaction to eating the fish.
" I almost died "
The man who was served food to which he was allergic.
The Waiter Was Arrested
The man who got sick says it was the waiter's fault that he had an allergic reaction.
He said the waiter brought him the wrong meal.
He said the waiter had not written down information about the special meal.
Police may
When someone is arrested the police figure out which law was broken by the person they have arrested.
the waiter with
neg - luh - jence
When someone forgets to do or ignores something they are supposed to do. If this causes someone else to be hurt then this can be considered a crime.
Many restaurants are now wondering what this might mean for how they serve other customers with allergies.
Many restaurants are wondering if this means they could be more responsible if people get sick from eating their food.
Who Bites?
Do you trust food that is served to you at a restaurant?
Do you look at your food before you eat it, or do you just take a bite right away?
Who should be responsible if someone gets sick from eating food they ordered at a restaurant?
How do YOU feel about this story?
this made claire angry
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