November 23, 2017
The 31st Olympic Games started on August 5 2016.
They are taking place in the city of
Rio de Janeiro
ree - oh
A city in Brazil in South America. In 2016 Rio will
A person, group, city, or country that welcomes visitors to their home.
the Olympic Summer Games.
in the country of Brazil.
There are more than eleven thousand athletes.
The athletes come from over 200 countries around the world.
These summer games have 28 different sports.
The games will end on August 21.
What are the Olympic Games?
The Olympic Games are a sporting
kom - puh - tih - shun
When two or more people use their skills to see who is the better at a game, sport, or challenge.
for the whole world.
Many different athletes meet in one place to compete for gold, silver or bronze medals.
There are two types of Olympic Games: one for summer sports and one for winter sports.
Each type of games are held every four years.
The next games will be winter sports in 2018 in the city of
South Korea
A large city in the Asian country of South Korea.
in South Korea.
A Long History
mah - durn
A word to describe something that is new, or something that was invented not too long ago.
Olympic Games are based on sport competitions that took place thousands of years ago in ancient
A small country in the South part of Europe. Greece is thought to be where many of our ideas about thinking and politics were invented a long time ago.
Then the games always happened at a place called Olympia.
Now every time the games are held a new city somewhere in the world is chosen to be the host.
Canada and the Olympics
In 2010 the winter Olympic Games took place in the city of Vancouver in Canada.
In 2016 Canada sent 314 athletes to the city of Rio to try to win medals.
Many people watch the games on television and over the internet.
People like to cheer on athletes from their own country.
If an athlete from Canada wins a medal at the Olympics they also win money from the Canadian Olympic Committee.
Peaceful Competetion
The Olympic Games are considered to be a good way for many different people from many different countries to come together in peace.
Do you think people trying to win medals in sport makes the world more peaceful?
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