August 17, 2016 (463 Days Old)
Hero Mom Saves Kids From a Falling Tree
A mom from Alberta is may never walk again, but her kids are safe.
The family was camping in Northern Alberta in July.
A tree cracked and fell towards a tent where 4 kids were playing.
The mom jumped between the tree and the kids.
The tree fell on the mom instead of the kids.
The kids were saved but the mom is now
pair - ah - lyzd
When an injury or a disease causes part of the body to no longer move. It is usually caused because the brain cannot send messages to the muscles to make them move.
Unstable Conditions
The mom and her family are trying to figure out what happens next.
The mom has been in the hospital since the tree fell on her.
Doctors have been working to make sure she gets healthy again but there was damage to her spine and lungs.
This means that the mom seems to be
purr - mah - nent - lee
A thing that is one way or changed forever.
paralyzed from her chest down to her toes.
She may never be able to walk again.
This means she may not be able to work at her old job again.
Many friends and strangers are doing what they can to help including donating money.
Fast Thinking
We often think that people who make tough decisions that help others are heroes.
Sometimes those decisions have a big
kon - see - kwence
Usually something bad that is caused by doing or saying one certain thing.
Sometimes those decisions allow very little time to think about what will happen.
Have you ever been in
sit - chew - eh - shun
A time and a place when something important or meaningful is happening.
when you had to think quickly?
What were the consequences for making the wrong choice?
How can you tell what is right choice?
How do YOU feel about this story?
8r4d was sad to read this
this story shocked claire
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