September 12, 2017 (72 Days Old)
A Summer for a Changing Climate
The summer of 2017 has left many people discussing the various natural disasters happening around the world.
They are talking about how those disasters might be connected to human-caused
cly - mitt
Measured over a long time, the kind of temperature and weather that is usually seen in one place. Climate is different than weather. Weather is measured in one moment, while climate is measures over a long time.
Forest Fires, Pine Beetles & Hurricanes
In BC Canada, 2017 has been said to be the worst
wyld - fyre
A fire in a forest or other natural area. Often these are caused by accident or naturally (for example by lightning) and burn out of control.
season ever recorded.
In Alberta, Canada, so many of the trees in the National Parks have been infested by beetles that the dying brown trees have changed the colour of the landscape.
These beetles have gone out of control because the very cold temperatures that stop their spread have become more rare.
In the southern United States and Caribbean the strength and intensity of
her - ih - cayn
A very large and destructive storm over an ocean that can often move over land.
storms has set new records and caused much damage and injury.
There are many reasons that some people doubt people's part in the changing of our climate.
These reasons may be because of personal
paul - uh - tiks
The work of discussing, making and changing laws.
, a misunderstanding of evidence, or because of the information they have been given was dishonest.
It is good to think about what you read or are told.
It is good to question the opinions of others.
It is also good to have trust in the experts working to understand the world, especially through proper scientific work.
Evidence and Models
Using science many people work together to build models of
climate change
or, global warming
The science of understanding that the earth is a complex and changing ecosystem, and that people have slowly changed that system over many years. Some people still think climate change is not real.
Models are a tool used by science where information and data are put together to act like a real thing.
Different parts of a model can be adjusted to, for example, predict the future or test what happens when we make a change.
Models of the climate are collections of many centuries of data.
They are based on the work of thousands of experts.
These models tell us that the actions of people have changed the climate for the worse.
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