August 22, 2016 (458 Days Old)
Hot Weather for a Long Run
ann - yew - ull
Something that happens once a year at about the same time each year.
mayr - uh - thawn
A running race. People who participate in a marathon must run 42.2 kilometers.
was held for the 25th time on August 21, 2016.
Almost 4500 people participated in one or more of the five races including the longest race, the marathon.
Some of the fastest racers finished in just over two and a half hours.
But since the marathon is a very long and difficult race many people run the race to just say that they finished it.
Sun and Speed
Running is a sport that causes the body to heat up.
The 2016 race took place on a sunny and warm day.
Runners must plan and dress for the weather when they run so they are not too hot or too cold.
Runners may run in the rain or the snow or the hot sun.
The Edmonton Marathon usually takes place in August which can be one of the hottest months of the year in that city.
Planning for the Unexpected
Many races and other events are planned far ahead of time.
It is difficult to know what the weather will be and if nature will be helpful or not.
How do you think people who
orr - gah - nyz
The planning and preparation that is done to make something happen.
outdoor events like races and festivals can be prepared for whatever nature and weather happens?
How do YOU feel about this story?
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