July 11, 2016 (500 Days Old)
Still a Chance to Send That Letter
But stick that stamp with care.
Canadians are still getting their mail delivered this week but only because the people who deliver it are still talking to each other.
What we told you last time
Work by Canada Post delivering mail could stop at any time because of a disagreement about pay.
The worker's
yoon - yunn
A group of workers who have agreed to cooperate about complaints or problems at their job.
has been trying to reach a deal.
Basically, the company wants to spend less but the workers want good paying jobs.
If no understanding can be reached then work may stop.
No letters or packages would be delivered by Canada Post until they can agree.
There are still many disagreements between what the workers want and what Canada Post wants.
Just Keep Talking
Right now, the two sides are
bar - gann - ing
When two people or groups talk back and forth to try to make a deal.
Each side has things it wants.
Each side also has things it can take away from the other side.
Canada Post wants to change how a workers
penn - shun
Money saved by a company to help keep paying workers even after they are too old to be working.
get saved.
If the company does not get their way they can take away work.
This is called a
lok - owt
When a company and its workers disagree about something, the company can close its doors to stop workers from working.
The workers want fair paying jobs.
If the workers don't get their way they can stop working.
This is called a
When most or all of the workers at one company decide to refuse to work. Usually this is meant as an organized way to complain or disagree with some part of their job.
If the talking stops then the mail could stop, too.
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